Redwoods California - 2.5" Vinyl Sticker

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Introducing our stunning 2.5" Vinyl Sticker showcasing the majestic Redwoods of California! Bring the beauty of these iconic giants to your everyday life with this high-quality, durable sticker. Perfect for laptops, water bottles, notebooks, and more, this sticker adds a touch of nature's grandeur wherever you place it.

Crafted with precision and printed on premium vinyl, our Redwoods sticker boasts vibrant colors and intricate details, capturing the essence of these towering trees. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a California lover, or simply seeking a touch of wilderness, this sticker is a must-have.

Plus, the water-resistant design ensures your sticker will stand the test of time, indoors and outdoors.

Show your love for the Redwoods and upgrade your style with this 2.5" Vinyl Sticker. Order yours today and bring a piece of California's natural wonder to your world! Don't miss out on this opportunity to make a statement while supporting a great cause.

Dimensions: 2.5”H
Materials: Vinyl Sticker
Designed in Portland, OR